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What is the deadline for Verified Certificate?

-You can pay until May 22, 2018, at 00:00 UTC to qualify to earn a Verified Certificate. You can also check edX student FAQ page.

Would late enrollment influence the grading?

-There is a deadline date for all submissions and review questions which is approximately one week after lectures end. As long as all tasks are successfully done until that date, there won't be any negative influence on grading.

Does late participation affect my progress?

-There is always the possibility to catch up the missed lecture and deliver previous tasks until the end date of the course.

How do I get a refund if I had verified this course before I changed my mind? 

-Certificates are not handled by the course staff but from the edX team. For more information click here. 

How do we post photos?

-The process you need to follow to upload an image is:

  • Click the "New Post" button
  • Select the Post type
  • Insert a "Title" for your post
  • Press the Image icon (or Ctrl+G) and browse your image.
  • Once your image is displayed in the "Preview" window below the post, it will be correctly displayed when you publish your post.

  • As soon as you have entered all the information you want to present, you can press "Add Post" button to publish your post.