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We have worked with a team of more than 65 members to produce and run this MOOC. Below you can find their names, and the profiles of the lecturers. 


 Ingrid Boas, PhD | Environmental Policy | Profile

 Claudia Brauer, PhD, MSc | Hydrology and Quantitative Water ManagementProfile

 Prof. Ellen van Bueren, PhD | Urban Development Management | Profile

 Yawei Chen, PhD | Urban Development Management | Profile

Machiel van Dorst, PhD | Environmental Design & Environmental Psychology | Profile

 Erik Heijmans, MSc | Land Degradation, Water management, AMS Education - programme manager| Profile

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carola Hein | History of Architecture and Urban Planning | Profile

 Prof. Rik Leemans, PhD, MSc | Environmental Systems Analysis| Profile

 Dipl.-Ing. Sanda Lenzholzer, MSc | Landscape Architecture | profile

 Ingo Leusbrock, PhD, MSc | Environmental Technology | Profile

 Bastiaan van Loenen, PhD | Public Sector Geo Information | Profile

 Prof. Dr. Scient. Akkelies van Nes | Land use Planning Profile

 Peter Oosterveer, PhD, MSc | Environmental Policy, Sociology | Profile

 Mariette Overschie, MSc | Innovation, Design & Engineering for Sustainable Development | Profil

 Prof. Huub Rijnaarts, PhD, MSc |Environmental Technology | Profile

 Roberto Rocco, PhD | Spatial Planning and Strategy | Profile

 Remon van Rooij, PhD, Msc | Urbanism, AMS Education - programme manager | Profile

 Robin Smale, MSc | Environmental Policy, Sociology | Profile

 Marc Spiller, PhD | Environmental Technology, Land Use Planning | Profile

 Egbert Stolk, PhD, MSc | Urban Design & Planning | Profile

 Prof. Jantine Stoter, PhD | Spatial Data Infrastructure, 3D Geo Information | Profile

 Nathalie Theeuwes, PhD, MSc | Meteorology | Profile

 Nico Tilly, MSc | Landscape Architecture & Urbanism | Profile

 Prof. Arjan van Timmeren, PhD, MSc | Environmental Technology & Design, Urbanism | Profile

 Bas van Vliet, PhD, MSc | Environmental PolicyProfile

 Dipl.-Ing. Alex Wandl, MSc. | Landscape Architecture and Urbanism | Profile

 Prof. Bert van Wee, PhD | Transport Policy | Profile