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This list consists of questions that you, as participants, ask most frequently. Please look for answers in this list first to avoid asking the same question again. Thank you!


Q1 How many hours do I need to spend on the course?
A1 The planned study load is about 4 to 6 hours per week.

Q2 Do I need to watch the lectures live in the corresponding week?
A2 No, you can watch the lectures during the course whenever you like.

Q3 Can I contact the instructor or teaching assistants?
A3 Not directly. The discussion forum is the appropriate venue for questions. Instructors monitor the discussion forum and try to respond to the most important questions; in many cases, response from other students and peers will be both adequate and faster.

Q4 What about the accessibility of videos?
A4 You can download the transcripts and videos.

Q5 How can I download the transcripts?
A5 Below each video is the option to download the transcripts as an .srt-file or as a word-file.  

Introduction & Preparation

Q1 Which browser can I use when working on this edX course?
A1 We advise you to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported by edX, so please use one of the advised browsers instead.


Peer Review

Q1 When can I make the final exam (peer review)?
A1  Submitting your slogan for the final exam (peer review) will only be open from the 23rd of February 2016 until the 15th of March 2016 (00:00:00 UTC/GMT). Reviewing others will open from the 23rd of February 2016 until the 22nd of March 2016.

Q2 What to do if I feel I am being treated unfairly in peer review?
A2  Reviewing is the responsibility of your peers and so far we are not able to manipulate these after the peer-reviewing. The community consists of highly capable and motivated people, so we trust that this will be done fairly. Double check your submission before handing it in and write in English. To make sure that everybody will be reviewed, please review in the last week and if possible review extra.

Q3 Why can I not click on 'Upload' in the submission of my assignment in the peer review module?
A3 The button will become active if there is text added in the response box. So if you just type a few letters it will be possible to save your progress. You can then finish your assignment at a later moment.

Q4 How many peers do I have to review in the peer review module?
A4 You will have to review the work of 3 of your peers, but you can review more. You will receive feedback from 3 of your peers, and from your own review.

Assignments & Grading

Q1 Can I still finish all assignments when I start later in the course?
A1 Yes you can. All assignments have to be finished by the 1st of April (submitting your essay for the final exam has to be done by the 15th of March 2016).

Q2 How often can I fill in the weekly test?
A2 One time only

Q3 When do I have to submit my final assignment?
A3 You have to submit your response to the peer review before the 22nd of March 2016 (00:00:00 UTC/GMT) and you have to review at least 3 others, and yourself, by the 22nd of March (00:00:00 UTC/GMT). 

Q4 When can I download my certificate?
A4 When you have
scored higher than 60% on the graded activities (practical assignments, weekly test and peer review), you will receive a passing grade and be eligible to receive a certificate. You can download your certificate after the course closes. It will show on your dashboard from the 5th of April (00:00:00 UTC/GMT) onwards.