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Course Overview


This course is organized into 6 different topics, one per week.

  1. Week 1: Introduction to Capitalism
  2. Week 2: Labor
  3. Week 3: Commodities and Consumption
  4. Week 4: Development
  5. Week 5: Environment
  6. Week 6: Globalization


The course material consists of readings, videos, and four different types of assignments (see more below). Every week starts with an overview page which introduces you to the topic and learning objectives for that week. You will find the readings and the videos in the weekly learning sequence.

Please note that you should complete the readings before you watch the roundtable discussion videos. The readings introduce important concepts and theories that we discuss in more detail in the roundtable discussion videos. You might not get very much out of the roundtable discussions if you are not familiar with the readings.

All work is due by March 12, 2018.


There are four types of assignments in this course.

  1. Knowledge checks are an opportunity to check your understanding of the readings and videos. They count 25 percent towards your overall grade.
  2. The weekly discussions will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with the other learners in the course, and in turn, learn from them. You will log your participation in the discussion forum in the Weekly Section Wrap Up.
  3. Exams (total of 3) count as 60% toward your grade and assess your knowledge on a bi-weekly schedule. Each exam covers two topics. [Exam 1 covers the concepts dicussed in Week 1 and Week 2, Exam 2 covers Week 3 and Week 4, and Exam 3 covers Week 5 and Week 6.]
  4. Section Wrap Ups (total of 7), count as 15% toward your grade.
You have to complete the assignments by March 12, 2018


The course team and the instructors will keep a close eye on the discussion forums. They will provide general feedback on the discussion forum assignments and on questions related to the quizzes. Please use the Contact page if you need to get in touch with us.


We do not offer verified certificates in this course, but we will send out a Statement of Accomplishment to those who complete the course. In order to complete and pass the course, you have to complete/submit:

  • The weekly quizzes (6)
  • The weekly wrap ups (7)
  • The exams (3)
  • In order to pass the course, your overall score has to be 80% or more,  and you have to complete it by March 12, 2018.

Honor Code and Academic Integrity

By enrolling into this course you become part of the bigger edX community that agrees to the EdX Terms of Service that include the edX Honor Code. All work submitted must be reflection of your own original work and if not, the author must be appropriately credited. All learners are expected to follow the edX Honor Code.