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Course Development Team

Instructor and Course Designer
Maria Garlock, Associate Professor, Princeton University

Video Production
Lisa Jackson, senior video producer
Lance Herrington, senior video producer  

Course Production
Marija Naumoski,  instructional designer
Mona Fixdal, associate director

Structural Studies and Calculation Exercises Development
Max Coar, graduate student
Mauricio Loyola, graduate student

Knowledge Checks and Creative Challenges
Alex Gomez, graduate student
Sassan Hajirezaie, graduate student
Vanessa Notario,  graduate student
Daniela Lugo, graduate student
Peter Wang, graduate student
Jessica Flores, graduate student

Vaults Pages & All-Round Course Assistants
Alexus Fraser, undergraduate student
Yuanyuan Zhao, undergraduate student

Discussion Forum Moderators (chances are you'll run into the following people in the discussion forums):
Maria Garlock (MEMG) 
Max Coar (maxwell_coar) 
Alex Gomez (Alexgomez238) 
Sassan Hajirezaie (sassan_hajirezaie)
Vanessa Notario (VanessaNotario)
Daniela Lugo (dlugoromero)
Peter Wang (peteryw)
Jessica Flores (jessicaflores37)
Mona Fixdal (MonaF) 
Marija Naumoski (MarijaNaumoski)