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  Start Date  Week  Structural Study  Assignments Due
Thursday,  January 24 Getting Started: Introduction
Week 1: The German Tradition of Vaulted Forms
Learning the Vocabulary
Basics of Structural Analysis
Monday, February 4
Thursday, January 31 Week 2: Pier Luigi Nervi & the Italian Tradition of Ribbed Vaults Spherical Domes I: Shape, Loads, and Supports Monday, February 11
Thursday, February 7 Week 3: The Spanish Tradition of Vaulted Structures Horizontal Cantilevers Roofs Monday, February 18
Thursday, February 14 Week 4: Felix Candela and the Hyperbolic Paraboloid Hyperbolic Paraboloid Umbrellas Monday, February 25
Thursday, February 21 Week 5: Heinz Isler and "Natural" Forms for Shells Graphic Statics: Hanging Cable Roofs Monday, March 4
Thursday, February 28 Week 6: Contemporary Vaults: New Tools, New Materials, New Forms Spherical Domes II: Meridonial and Hoop Forces Monday, March 11