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Frequently Asked Questions

1) When are the assignments due? When does the course end?;

Leaders of Learning is a self-paced course with on-demand certificates. All course content is available now, and you have until May 2017 to complete the course.

2) How do I earn a certificate? 

This course is freely accessible to all. Learners can choose to audit the course for free or earn a Verified Certificate. (Learn more about edX Verified Certificates.) The price for the Verified Certificate is $90. You must get a grade of 60% or higher to earn a certificate. 

The experience in the course is the same, regardless of whether you audit or pursue a Verified Certificate: you can watch all the videos, participate in all the discussions, do all the self assessments and checks for understanding, access all the resources, and view a page that shows progress toward passing the course.

3) Can I get a certificate without paying?

If you are a teacher, you might be eligible for a free Verified Certificate as part of the White House ConnectEd Initiative. If you are interested in a Verified Certificate, but are not eligible for the ConnectED Initiative, you can apply for financial assistance from edX

4) I have signed up for a Verified Certificate. When will I receive my certificate?

As soon as you complete enough of the course to receive a passing grade (60%), you can generate your own certificate. To find out if you are eligible for a certificate, click on the "Progress" tab. If you have passed, you will see a "Request Certificate" button. To learn more, you can read the edX documentation for on-demand certificates.

5) Will the actual time for the course be sent to us based on where we live (time zone)?

There are no actual times during which you have to "attend" the sections of the course. All course content is available in the Course section. 

6) What is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)?

Because we have a global audience, this course uses UTC. The current UTC date and time can be found here: 

7) What is the little pen and checkbox next to the item on the left-hand menu?

It means that the section contains an assessment that will contribute to your overall grade for the course.

8) Why doesn't my progress bar show up on my progress page, even after I've answered the questions?

Make sure you selected an answer for ALL the questions on the page AND click the "check" button. Your progress is not recorded until you answer all the questions and hit "check." If you click the "save" button, your answers will be saved for later and you can return to them, but you don't need to save your answers in order for them to be graded.

9) Why are there "x"s on my progress grade for the assessments?

These “x’s” represent that you can “drop” a few assessments as part of your final course grade.

10) I keep getting an error message with the Modes of Learning Assessment: Sorry, you cannot continue until you correct the following: Issue 1 Please rank each statement — no ties!

Double check that you gave each statement a unique value (for example, you did not check strongly agree for more than one statement for each question). Each question has four statements and there are four options. You HAVE to check a strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree, and disagree for each question.

11) I cannot see my Modes of Learning Assessment results and did not receive an email!

If you did not see your results within the edX platform, then you did not complete the survey and will not receive an email. After you complete all the questions, click on the red arrow at the bottom of the survey (if you cannot see it, scroll down) to receive your results and complete the survey.

12) Can I download the videos?

This course does not allow you to download videos. You are able to download the video transcripts, so if you need to work offline, please use those.

If you still have a question, click the “Help” tab on the upper left of your browser. If you do not find an answer, visit the General Course Questions discussion and the Technical discussion. Finally, if you do not find an answer there or do not receive an answer via the discussion forum, send an email to