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What timezone is this course running in, and what is the current time there?

All of the dates and times for this course are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The instructors for the course are all based in New Zealand, which is UTC+12, so you might find there are delays in communicating with us.

The current time in UTC and New Zealand Standard Time are shown below

What do I do if I need help with something?

There are several places you can go to get help, depending on what your problem is.  These are outlined below.  The order you should try to get help is:

  1. Try first: edX support resources
    These are the most likely places in which you will find the answers you need. Also, edX is the first place to try to support with technical problems, as they are the ones who maintain the course platform.
  2. Try second: FAQ section of this course
    This section will have the answers to most of the common questions.
  3. Try third: The Help! Discussion forum
    If you couldn't find your answer in the previous two places, you can ask your question in the Help! section of the course discussion forum.  If your question isn't answered by another student, you can expect a response from one of the teaching staff within 48 hrs.
  4. Last resort: Email the course staff
    This should be a last resort only, if you have already tried the other support places and have waited more than 48 hrs for a response in the discussion forum.

How do I get the most out of the discussion forums?

The edX discussion forums have many things that can help make them easier and more rewarding to use. Some of these are:

  • Voting: You can upvote posts that you like or think are important, much like on other platforms such as Reddit. This helps other students to find the same posts.
  • Topics: Each post is tagged with a topic, which groups it together with related posts. If you’re in the main discussion forum, these will appear down the left hand side of the page. You won't need to worry about choosing your topic if you are making a post from within the course content, but if you're using the main discussion forum you'll need to be careful about choosing the right one,
  • Questions: You have the option to make your post a "discussion" or a "question". If you use the "question" option when asking something, you will be more likely to get an answer. Watch out for posts marked as "answers" by the course team, as this will show what the right answer to the question is.
  • Endorsed Posts: Sometimes the course team will "endorse" posts which we think are an important or interesting contribution to the discussion. This is to help other students follow what's going on.

For more detailed information on how to use the discussion forums, check out the edX discussion forum guide.

If you are participating in our discussion forums, please make sure that you follow our Discussion Forum Behaviour Standards

I can't access anything on YouTube. How do I watch the videos?

Some students may not be able to access YouTube videos due to restrictions in their countries. However, you will still be able to access transcriptions of the videos.

If you are in a country that should be able to access YouTube, and are still having problems, please contact edX support or YouTube support directly.

What kind of certificates are there for this course? Do I have to pay?

edX offers verified certificates, which are available for a fee that varies by course. For RJ101x, the fee is $49USD. You will be required to verify your identity before you can receive your certificate. You can also audit any edX course, including RJ101x. You do not receive a certificate if you audit a course, but you can print your progress page for the course if you want evidence of your achievement

Please note that if you want the Verified Certificate, you must choose it and complete the ID verification process by 3rd June 2018.

You must get an overall course grade of 50% or more to pass the course and earn a Verified Certificate.

What do I need to do to pass this course?

You need to gain a grade of 50% or higher to pass this course and gain your verified certificate.

Assessment details are provided in the Assessment page and in the Course Syllabus

When are assessments due and what are the course dates?

For assessments information and important dates, visit the Important Dates page or the Course Syllabus

Can I reuse any of the course content for my own purposes?

Most of the content in this course, including the videos, CANNOT be reused without getting permission from the instructors. If you're interested in using some of our content, send us an email and we'll discuss what you're wanting to do.

Some of our photos have been set up with Creative Commons BY-SA-NC licences which allows you to use them in certain circumstances. These photos will be marked with a watermark, and one of the conditions of use is that you retain the watermark or otherwise attribute the photo.