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The Course Team

Thanks to the work of the instructors and the design and development team.

  • George Perry, Instructor
  • Rudolph J. Castellani, Instructor
  • Claudia Arcolin, Project Leader and Senior Instructional Designer
  • James Borrego, Senior Video Producer
  • Jose Carrillo, Multimedia Specialist II

Additional Support:

  • Patrick Nolan, Instructional Development Specialist
  • Jonathan Gutierrez, Instructional Development Specialist
  • Kathelyn Schmeisser, Student Developer

This course was developed in cooperation with the UTSA Office of Online Learning and UTSA Video Production Group. The UTSA Office of Online Learning promotes quality online education and resources available for faculty and student success. The Video Production Group supports UTSA with high quality, HD, and 4K videos for faculty, students, and staff.

To know more about the online learning courses offered to UTSA students visit the UTSA ONLINE WEBSITE.