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Which time zone applies to my course?

All the times referred to in the course correspond to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinate) standard used across the world. You can see the current UTC time here, but you can use the World Clock to find out the difference between UTC and your local time. Please bear this in mind for delivery dates and times for the course exercises, as these will not be extended.

Can I download the videos?

You are free to download whatever videos you wish except for the documentaries. The videos embedded in the platform are streamed from YouTube, but you can download them using the button below:

Download video

Can I download the video transcripts?

You can download the video transcripts in .srt file or .txt file format clicking on the button below the embedded video:

Download transcript

The .srt file format is a transcription standard and is compatible with most video players, such as VLC. In players like this you can add the file to the video while you are playing it.

The transcripts are also available in .txt file format so that you can open them using whatever text processor you wish.

I cannot see the video, it does not appear. What can I do?

Reload the page; if you are not able to see the video after reloading, try changing your browser. If the error persists, please write a comment and let us know.

The video freezes. What can I do?

Reload the page. If it does not work, try downloading it in low resolution.

How many times can I attempt an assessment?

Practice exercises and evaluations have a limited number of submissions. Please, pay attention to the information provided (depending on the assessment, there can be more or less attempts):

Please note:

  • If you want to give an answer but you are not sure of it, you can click on SAVE and decide later on by clicking on SUBMIT. Please bear in mind that the responses that are "saved" need to be "submitted" before the due date of the exercises. "Saving" does not mean "submitting".
  • If you want to "submit" your answer, click on SUBMIT. If you SUBMIT, you will be using one attempt. Be careful if there is only one submission available, as it will not be possible to reset the number of attempts.

I cannot see an exercise. What can I do?

Reload the page; if you are not able to see the exercise after reloading, try changing your browser.

What can I do if I do not understand or I do not know how to do an exercise?

Read the instructions carefully. Everything that you need to know in order to solve the exercises is in the course. If you still have any question, please read the forum, which is below the exercise. Maybe someone has had the same problem as you and it is solved in the comments. If that is not the case, write a comment with your problem or a response to an open thread related to your problem.

I have been enrolled in the course later on. Can I do the exams?

Yes. Exams are open the whole time that the course is available.

I have an answer marked as wrong, but I think it is right. What can I do?

First of all, read the explanation of the answers. If you continue to have the feeling that your answer is right and it was marked as wrong by mistake, read the forum. If no one has noticed that, post a comment. If so, write a response to the thread related to your problem.

Can I repeat a graded assessment?

No. Each graded assessment can only be submitted once. If a problem is found in any of the questions, it will be corrected by the course staff and you will have another chance to submit  that specific question. This is just for the case that a mistake is found.

How can I get a course certificate?

If you get 60% (or higher) of the total grade, you will pass the course and you if you have asked for a verified certificate you can download it from the user Dashboard


The cost of a verified certificate is US$50.  Please check all the information for verified certificates here.

How can I check my progress on the course?

You can check your progress by clicking on the Progress tab. There you will see a graph that depicts your score for each exam and your total score. Below this you will see a breakdown of your weekly progress both for the exams and practice exercises. 

Can I communicate with the instructors in the course forum?

The aim of the course forum is to encourage participation and communication among learners. Please review our discussion guidelines. The instructors will monitor the forum but please do not expect them to answer all your questions. This is impossible due to the large number of people taking part in the course.