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Cornerstone (Statistics Software)

The desktop application Cornerstone simplifies data-analyses and helps engineers focus on their development

Cornerstone provides statistical techniques, including Design of Experiments (DoE), regression, and multivariate analysis. With a highly intuitive and interactive user interface, Cornerstone enables engineers of multiple areas – i. e. teams from manufacturing, research, development, quality assurance, and educational organizations – to fully exploit and apply the potential of statistical data analysis. The workmap concept gives an easy overview of the analysis workflow and allows reuse for future data of same structure. New dialogs, menus and functions are possible with the Cornerstone Extension Language (CEL). Also, Cornerstone  allows direct access to the R environment for statistical computing and graphics.

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Try Cornerstone for free during the course! Please, contact camLine by e-mail via, subject line: "edX-course: Six Sigma - Define and Measure". camLine will provide you with a time-limited license key and further information.


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