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  • Is there a schedule for this course?
    • The course is available in a self-paced format. For more information, download the course syllabus from the Home page.
  • What is the expected effort to complete the course?
    • Check out the syllabus.
  • How is the course graded?
    • Check out the syllabus.
  • Where can I ask questions / give feedback?
    • We have created a discussion component in each learning unit. You can create new threads on respective unit to ensure they are properly grouped. You can still ask general questions in the discussion forum. Please check the discussion guidelines in the syllabus before you post.


  • Will this course offer an Honor Code certificate?
    • No.
  • How can I obtain a certificate for this course?
    • You need to sign up for verified certificate and achieve the passing grade, which is to score above 70% overall.
  • When is the last date before which I can pay to obtain an ID verified certificate?
    • See the Verification Upgrade Deadline on the Home page.
  • I have achieved a passing grade, when will I receive my certificate?
    • When you have achieved the passing grade, you can click the Request Certificate on your Progress page to receive your certificate. 


  • How are my grades calculated and sent back to edX?
    • Whenever you access the DataCamp platform through the launch buttons in edX, your email is sent along to DataCamp to authenticate you on their servers. Also a link between your DataCamp profile and your edX profile is established. Whenever you finish an exercise for a particular lab, your total XP for this lab is calculated. This XP level is then converted to an edX grade and sent back to edX.Example: Say you take a lab where the maximum amount of XP you can earn is 1000. You take the lab and end up with 840 XP. A grade of 8.4/10 is sent back to edX.
  • My progress on DataCamp is not visible in edX. What should I do?
    • Whenever you click on  Start Lab Exercises in edX, you are sent through to DataCamp's learning interface. Every time you correctly finish an exercise, the total score for ALL exercises in that lab are sent through to edX and stored there. If this went wrong for any reason, and edX is not correctly displaying your updated lab scores, take the following steps:
      • Navigate to the lab on edX that does not appear in sync with DataCamp.
      • Click the Start Lab Exercises button
      • Resubmit the answer for any exercise that you have already completed before.
      • Refresh the edX page that shows your scores; they should be properly updated now.
    • NOTE: It is important that all of the DataCamp work that you're doing for an edX course, happens through the Start Lab Exercise button on edX. If you log in with another DataCamp account through, it's possible that you're taking the labs as another user, and there's no way for DataCamp to match up this user with the user that's coming from edX.
    • Are you still not seeing your scores after this? Contact and we will help you out as soon as possible.
  • What's up with XP if you use the hint or the solution?
    • If you are stuck, you can choose to show the hint. This costs you 30% of the XP points that can be earned: in a 100 XP interactive exercise, 30 XP will be deducted, in a 50 XP multiple choice exercise this is 15 XP.
  • Still having trouble to come up with the correct answer or code?
    • You can choose to display and run the solution. This will set your XP for that exercise to 0. If you come back to the exercise later on, the solution code will be gone again. You can redo the exercise at all times, but this will not always cause an increase in XP. Only after 24 hours after consulting the solution, will the system accept an improved XP.
  • How is my progress kept?
    • Your progress is kept on DataCamp servers and it ties to your email address you used in edX. If you're coming from the previous iteration of the course, then you will see where you left off. You can always manually reset your progress should you want to re-try the labs.
  • Where do we discuss about the course?
    • edX provides an excellent discussion platform where you can share thoughts/questions/ideas with fellow students. At the moment, DataCamp also features a discussion (through the Discussion button in the interface), but for edX we advise you not to use this. This way, the discussion is held in one place and it's easier to follow up.
    • Important: we plan to make it possible to customize aspects of the learning interface, which will allow us to disable discussion on DataCamp.


  • The score for my final exam is not showing on edX. What do I do?
    • Close the assessment
    • Go to edX and visit section of the final exam.
    • Click the launch link to start the final exam.
    • You will be messaged that you have already taken the exam.
    • Your score will be sent again to edX and should show up on your progress page.
    • Is your final exam score still not showing? Contact and we will help you out as soon as possible.

  • My exam score shows I have a zero. What should I do?

    You can only take the edX exam once. If you already started it before, and then left, it's possible that you get a score of 0. This score is also sent through to edX. It is also possible that you've started the exam, paused, and then restarted it by logging in through, and not through the button on edX to start the exam. In this case, DataCamp will understand this as two different users, and there is no way to match up the scores. In either case, reach out to, with a clear explanation of your issue. In addition, take the following steps to provide some extra information:
    • Go to the final exam section on edX.
    • Click the launch link again, that will take you to the DataCamp interface.
    • In the same browser tab, navigate to by typing it in the address bar.
    • Once you're on, in the navigation bar on the right, click your name (it is possible this says "Anonymous")
    • A small card should appear, that shows an email in grey font. This can be either your personal email address or a seemingly random string that is chopped off by "..."
    • Copy this email address or string, and include it in your email to