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  • Is there a schedule for this course?
    • The course is available in a self-paced format. For more information, download the course syllabus from the Home page.
  • What is the expected effort to complete the course?
    • Check out the syllabus.
  • How is the course graded?
    • Check out the syllabus.
  • Where can I ask questions / give feedback?


  • Will this course offer an Honor Code certificate?
    • No.
  • How can I obtain a certificate for this course?
    • You need to achieve the passing grade, which is to score above 70% overall.
  • When is the last date before which I can pay to obtain an ID verified certificate?
    • See the Verification Upgrade Deadline on the Home page.
  • I have achieved a passing grade, when will I receive my certificate?
    • When you have achieved the passing grade, you can click the Request Certificate on your Progress page to receive your certificate.