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We would like to thank everyone at the University of Michigan and, specifically, the Office of Academic Innovation (AI) who worked with us to provide intellectual and financial support for this work. This work has been generously supported by the Office of the Provost at the University of Michigan through the Third Century Fund, the Learning Analytics Task Force, and the Academic Innovation Fund. We thank Microsoft for financial support for this MOOC and for organizing this series of courses focused on transformative change in education.

We particularly want to acknowledge the immense contributions of the team at Michigan who conceived gameful learning pedagogy and brought the GradeCraft platform to life, especially Caitlin Holman, the co-inventor and project lead on GradeCraft. The efforts of all these people help instructors around the world to “go gameful.”

The GradeCraft Team and the Gameful Learning Lab (Past and Present):

Stephen Aguilar, Bryan Birchmeier, Chellie Carr, Monica Chen, Demarius Chrite, Michael Davies, Michael DiGiovanni, Michelle Fiesta, Jonathan Gable, Scott Goci, Elana Graf, Alan Gutierez, Stephanie Haley, Caitlin Holman, Marie Hooper, Cory Kaufman-Scofield, Maverick Koon, Max Langensiepen, Adam Levick, Sara Molnar, Shekhar Patil, Ben Plummer, Esther Priebe, Lauren Rocco, Reginaldo Rodrigues, Kevin Ryan, Steve Schwartz, Gonzalo Silverio, Kris Steinhoff, Jeff Stern, Scott Tsuchiyama, Camille Ulrich, Edward Utter, Prabode Weebadde, Jamie Wright, Christine Yu, Jonathon Yu, Mike Zazaian, Alfa Jango, Venturit, and the GAME Ambassadors

Co-Investigators and Advisors to the GAME Third Century Project:

Sean Demonner, Stephen DesJardins, James DeVaney, Liz Keren-Kolb, Mika LaVaque-Manty, Tim McKay, Scott Taylor, and the CEDER Team

The AI Production Team:

Hans Anderson, Lauren Atkins-Budde, Cy Abdelnour, Bryon Maxey, Noni Korf, Tim O'Brien, Scott Mahler, and Laurel Schroeder

The Learning Education and Design Lab:

Michael Brown, Chris Brooks, Molly Kleinman, Steve Lonn, Meghan Oster, Stephanie Teasley

This course was originally launched on 3/6/2017.