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This course offers three learning tracks with different terms, conditions and stakes. In each learning track, the course team is committing to offer you a specific learning experience and a specific support. In return, a specific commitment is expected from you. Please choose your preferred learning track and read the appropriate course syllabus.

I've already chosen my learning track and I'm ready to read the syllabus

I've not chosen yet. What are the learning tracks available?

Any online course on is offered in two different learning tracks. In addition, UCLouvain students have an adapted Verified track.

Table comparing the audit (free) and the verified (charged) track


This offers you a time-limited access to the whole course except the graded tests and exams. You'll be able to watch all the videos, make the ungraded exercises, post and read messages in the forum discussions, etc. during the free access period. As you'll not be able to gain points, you can't pass the course nor gain a certificate. You may upgrade to the Verified track at any time before the deadline to do so.


This learning track is charged. This option

  • releases a time-unlimited access to the course
  • releases access to the graded tests and exams
  • delivers a certificate if you pass the course (final grade above the success threshold)

The certificate is an personalised webpage (single link generated by edX) that you can share on social networks, print or export to a pdf file. To get the certificate you'll first need to verify your identity using a webcam and a photo identification card.


If you're taking this course in the context of your study program at UCLouvain, you have to take the Verified track but you'll not be charged for it. Besides, you'll get specific instructions as on-campus students. Please refer to your teacher about that.