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Mainly, the discussion forum is the venue to talk about the lecture topics, problem sets, and homework assignments presented in the course.

We have prepared another thread for Technical Problems Guidelines in the discussion forum. Here are some guidelines for the discussion forum:

  • Be very specific about the purpose of your post, especially if you need help. Write a concise, descriptive title for your post. Try to indicate the particular question in the problem or specific concept that you want to understand more.
  • If you have a direct question to the course staff, include [TO STAFF] at the beginning of a post title to notify the course staff.
  • Original announcements and posts made by staff members will include an "[OFFICIAL]" in the title. The staff members' responses and comments to your posts will be indicated by a colored "Staff" banner.
  • Our KyotoUx team work in the Japanese time zone (JST). Please be aware that there may be a delay in feedback to your comments from the course staff due to the differences in time zones.
  • DO NOT post your answers or solutions to assignments (problems, homework, etc).
  • DO NOT post your or other students’ private information.
  • DO NOT post insulting comments, offensive words (including sexually harassing and cursing words), personal attacks, or other irrelevant remarks. Also, use common writing practices for online communication. Avoid the following: TYPING ALL IN CAPS (e.g. I’M ANGRY), use of excessive punctuation (e.g. when is the deadline?????????!!!!!!! ………), repeating letters or characters (e.g. proteiiiiiiinssss), abbreviated words, and unnecessary symbols (e.g. lol, curr.opin., #s).
  • Participate more by actively upvoting other posts. Posts that have more upvotes are more likely to be seen.

And as a general rule, always remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Be respectful to everyone in the forum. We strongly encourage everyone to actively participate in the discussion forum. We’re looking forward to your posts!