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Princeton Online

Princeton Online is the home of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) offered through Princeton University's initiative in online education. We partner with faculty members who would like to expand the scope and impact of their teaching by offering their course to a world audience. We also work with faculty to create online content to enhance their courses for Princeton University students. Our goal is to provide exceptional educational opportunities to learners on our campus, and around the globe!

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Tel Aviv University

TAU Online – Innovative Learning Center design a vision based on digital pedagogy aimed to redefining the university’s value proposition for students. The Center launched a variety of initiatives, developed projects, and built partnerships in order to make academia more accessible to a broader public and to impact the future of higher education. Among our projects: MOOC-based Admissions Track to University, Online Academic High School , annual Ed-Tech Summit, hybrid learning projects etc.
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Sapienism: Living Up to Our Humanity

Sapienism: Living Up to Our Humanity

Our humanity can no longer be taken for granted; it must be rediscovered, cultivated, lifted to new heights – moving on from “human being” to “human becoming.”  If we wish to live up to our titular “wisdom” (sapience), a new science should emerge, investigating that which is uniquely human (Sapienology), appended with Sapienism: a plea to recall, and live up to, our humanity, taking it as far and as free as it can possibly be. On, Prof. Uriel Abulof's blog, we post reflections on art, research, and society, as they indicate the obstacles and progress on this path. We hope you join us!