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Modules in The Book Histories Across Time and Space: The image map below lists the modules in The Book: Histories Across Time and Space that have been released so far. To experience any of these modules, simply click the corresponding image and enjoy!

HUM 1.1x Making and Meaning in the Medieval Manuscript HUM 1.2x Scrolls in the Age of the Book HUM 1.3x Print and Manuscript in Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East (1450-1650)
HUM 1.4x The History of the Book in 17th and 18th Century Europe HUM 1.5x Book Sleuthing: The 19th Century HUM 1.6x Monasteries, Schools, and Notaries, Part 1: Reading the Late Medieval Marseille Archive
HUM 1.7x Monasteries, Schools, and Notaries, Part 2: Introduction to the Transitional Gothic Script HUM 1.8x The Medieval Book of Hours: Art and Devotion in the Later Middle Ages HUM 1.9x Books in the Medieval Liturgy