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What is the schedule for the course?

You have until January 4, 2019 to complete all of the required assignments needed for a certificate.

How do I pass the course?

In order to pass the course, you need to complete all nineteen poll questions (10% of your grade), all five quizzes (20% of your grade) and the final exam (70% of your grade). You need to get an average of a 60% to pass the course and get a certificate. 

If I pass, when do I receive my certificate?

All students who pass will receive the certificate within a week of the January 4, 2019 deadline. Even if you finish the requirements for a certificate well before that deadline, you will receive your certificate after January 4, 2019.

How do the polls with the moral dilemmas work?

For each poll question, you first vote on what you think is the right choice and then you give your rationale defending that choice. After you give your answer, you will be presented with rationales both for that choice and the other choices and you choose the rationale that you think is best.

How are the polls graded?

The polls are graded based on completion; there is no correct answers for the polls.

Where do I find the required discussion threads?

For each unit that has a required discussion thread, there is a page within the unit that links to the discussion thread. You can also find the threads by clicking on the Discussion Forum tab at the top of the page.

How many attempts do I have with each quiz and final exam question?

You only have one attempt for each quiz and final exam question.

What are the self-test questions?

The self-test questions are ungraded questions meant to help you review the material. These questions are not reflected in your progress bar and you have unlimited attempts to try to answer them.

Is there an assigned book I have to buy?

No, there is no book you have to buy. All required reading for the course is in the platform. There are several excerpts from Professor Sandel's book Justice: What is the Right Thing to Do? and, if you are interested in purchasing the book and reading beyond the excerpts provided in the course, there are several places that sell it, including Amazon.

I caught a bug or error in the course. How do I contact the teaching team?

Please use the discussion forum to ask any logistical questions you have about the course.