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Introduction to Marketing: Tools to Set your Enterprise Apart (MKTG101x) explores the role of marketing in a variety of contexts with added input from practitioners. A combination of six sessions will consider the nature of marketing, the importance of a customer orientation and how marketers create value for customers through designing winning products and services, creating impactful communication campaigns and delivering through effective marketing channels.

The course has a particular focus on the role of marketing in creating value and competitive advantage, and includes case interviews with a range of innovative companies based in Edinburgh. 

Course overview

  1. Week 1 - Marketing and customers
  2. Week 2 - Target the most rewarding customers
  3. Week 3 - Create a compelling value proposition
  4. Week 4 - Design winning products and services
  5. Week 5 - Communicating value with impact
  6. Week 6 - Delivering value and reaping the rewards

In providing this course, the University of Edinburgh Business School is guided by the edX Honor Code for use.


The course is self-paced (you can enrol and complete it any time after 5 September 2016) and is designed to be completed in six weeks, if you devote 2-3 hours per week to the course.


You do not need to have studied marketing before to take this course. If you're new to the edX platform, or just need a little brush-up on how to use the site, we recommend checking out the edX demo course.

Discussion Forums

Throughout this course, you'll will see Discussion Questions, which you are encouraged to answer. The Discussion Questions will be posted in their own topics. They are accessible by clicking the 'Discussion' tab on the edX toolbar.

In addition to answering and talking with each other about the Discussion Questions, you can also use the Discussion Forums to communicate with your classmates on other topics. To do this, you should click on the 'Discussion' button in the toolbar near the top of your screen.

Please be sure to choose the appropriate category when posting; it is how we keep the discussion forum orderly.

To see previous posts in the above categories, click on the 'Show All Discussions' tab at the left of the 'Discussions' screen, and choose the appropriate category. Be sure to see if your question has been asked before creating a new post!

Some tips:

  • Participate! It will enhance your learning experience.
  • Be polite! Opinions are good, but please respect others' opinions as well.
  • Help each other! We encourage you to reply to your peers' questions and comments.
If you need help

Most questions can be answered by the community. If you have a question, post it to the relevant Discussion Forum and ask the community. To get help with a technical problem, click 'Help' to send a message to edX Student Support.

Grading and Certification

There will be a multiple choice quiz at the end of each week, each including 10 questions. You will be asked to select one answer from a set of four possible answers, which will be shown directly below the question. You will receive instant feedback and an explanation to help aid your understanding of the key concepts.

Optionally, for a fee of $49 you can receive a verified certificate from edX upon completion of the course, demonstrating you have successfully achieved a sound understanding of basic marketing principles. This might be a good option for you if you plan to use your completion for job applications, career advancement, or school applications.

To receive a certificate you will need to achieve a minimum of 50% correct answers in the multiple choice questions. Each week the set of questions are weighted the same.

As this is a self-paced course, assessments are due when you are ready to submit! So, enjoy, have fun - and let's learn marketing!