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This course could not have been created without the incredible generosity of those who were involved in the videos-your ‘guides’. The course content was built directly around their stories and experiences, and without their generous sharing of cultural and historical knowledge and personal insights, this course would not have eventuated. For the production team, the development of the course materials was an extremely special journey, with the cultural knowledge shared affecting the whole team at a very deep level. Long lasting relationships have been built.

Yaanga yaanga yaanga.

The Noongar people involved in this course have enormous respect for the diversity that exists within their communities, and continuously expressed throughout the course’s development that their views are not to be generalised to the whole Noongar community.

We also wish to acknowledge the ongoing work and expertise of the Noongar Boodja Language Cultural Aboriginal Organisation, and thank them for the invaluable resources they make freely available so that Noongar language can be learnt and continue to strengthen. Many of their resources were referred to in this course, and we strongly encourage those people wanting to learn more about Noongar language to visit their website:

As an introductory course, this course is by no means representative of the many different perspectives and experiences of the Noongar population. It is also just the beginning, and will be reviewed and expanded regularly. Coordinators of this course warmly invite anyone from the Noongar community who would like to be involved to please contact to express your interest.