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Welcome to Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader! This is a self-paced course. There are no set times you need to be online because edX is a 24/7 virtual classroom.

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Learners who have an overall score of 60% pass the course. Be sure to complete your work before the course closes.

Check the grading chart on your Progress page often to make sure your answers are being properly recorded. If you are missing something on your Progress chart, go back to the page and complete that activity.

Each component is weighted toward grading as follows:

    • Section Checklists, Sections 1-3: Available at the end of each section, counts your participation and engagement, including watching videos, posting on the Discussion Board, completing non-graded activities, and Personal Leadership Plan progress. (40%)
    • Commitment to Action, Section 4: Looks at whether you made a commitment to action for after the course and publicly shared it. (20%)
    • Personal Leadership Plan Checklist, Section 4: Completion or significant development of your Personal Leadership Plan by end of course. (40%)


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