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You can use any programming language or platform in this course. The following tools are made available for free to enrolled students as a courtesy. Take advantage of them!

M a t L a b

MatLab logo

A MATLAB Online license is being provided by MathWorks to students of Learning from Data for the duration of the course. MATLAB Online is the online version of the MATLAB desktop program. It retains most of the features of the original program in a web-based interface. No download or installation is required, and the program can be accessed from any computer running a common web browser. To gain access to MATLAB Online, follow these steps:
0.       If you do not already have one, create a MathWorks account at:
1.       Click on the Learning From Data license link: and provide your MathWorks account log-in information.
2.       Click on the blue ‘Access MATLAB Online’ button when it appears. If you are not automatically redirected, go to Log-in with your MathWorks account information, and begin using MATLAB Online. You can bookmark this page for quicker access in the future.
The following short tutorials have been provided by MathWorks to get you started with MATLAB Online. They also cover the key differences between the web-based program and the desktop MATLAB program.
If you are completely new to MATLAB, your MathWorks account now grants you access to the MATLAB OnRamp, which provides new users with a brief introduction to fundamental concepts in MATLAB programming.                   

L I O N o s o

LIONoso logo The LIONoso academic platform has specialized tools to make it easy to test the principles and methods presented in the course on real examples. Most operations happen by drag and drop with immediate visual output. LIONoso allows and encourages open-ended personal experimentation in machine learning and optimization. You may download and use LIONoso for free for academic purposes, on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. To install the software, visit and
1. Specify in the download form that you are registered in the "Learning from Data" course (specify your registration username).
2. Download the software.
3. Install, launch and have fun!
If you encounter any problem, we suggest you first read the manual contained in the software (help menu). If that does not work, feel free to contact us (specify "learningfromdata" in the Title box of the message) by using the link provided at our dedicated page As an alternative, we will also answer questions in the official "LIONoso Thread" in the discussion forum. Your message will be attended to as quickly as possible by volunteers.