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Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Date Event
July 9, 2018 First Day of Course
August 6, 2018 All Projects from Each Lesson Due 
August 6, 2018 Deadline to Purchase Verified Certificate
August 13, 2018

All Self Assessments for Projects from Each Lesson Due

  • 4 self assessments due (one each for each lesson)
August 14, 2018 Last Day of Course*

* verified certificates will be made available within 48 hours after the course ends

Week 1: Music For Creativity

    • Singing How You Feel
    • Key Terms
    • Using Music to Foster Creativity - Examples from Suzanne and Annette
    • Improvisation
    • Singing With Others
    • How to Create a Song
    • Ways to Integrate Creating Music Into Your Wellness Practice

Week 2: Music For Comfort

    • The Power of Breath
    • Key Terms
    • Lullabies
    • What is Music-facilitated Relaxation?
    • What is Pranayama?
    • Ways to Integrate Lullabies into Your Wellness Practice

Week 3: Music For Awakening

    • Awaken Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
    • Key Terms
    • Rhythm and Chanting
    • What is Mantra?
    • Ways to Integrate Mantra (Or Jingles) into Your Wellness Practice

Week 4: Music For You

    • How Does Music Make You Feel?
    • Key Terms
    • What is Your Musical Autobiography?
    • Active Listening
    • Integrating Your Personal Playlists into Your Wellness Practice