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Course Videos Overview

What you will learn in this course: 

  • Explain and defend the right to seek and enjoy asylum;
  • Identify the rights that are of most concern to refugees;
  • Argue for a greater role of governments in stopping and preventing human rights violations against refugees;
  • Challenge misconceptions, prejudices and discriminatory attitudes and behaviour towards people having to flee their country and seek refuge somewhere else;
  • Generate and undertake actions to protect the rights of people in need of international protection.

Displacement - Module 1

  • Explain the differences between refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), asylum seekers and (regular or irregular) migrants;
  • Describe the root causes of why people are displaced from their homes.

The Flight - Module 2

  • Recognize the extreme circumstances of flight and explain it to others;
  • Explain the basics of the international protection system;
  • Defend the total prohibition of refoulement;
  • Describe the obligation to rescue at sea;
  • Explain and defend the right to seek and receive asylum;
  • Engage in and contribute to the debate about international protection.

In a new country - Module 3

  • Recognize the difficulties of arrival and resettlement in a new country, as well as life in a refugee camp;
  • Describe the right to family reunification;
  • Argue and defend the importance of sharing responsibility among governments.

Taking Action - Module 4

  • Generate initiatives either individually or collectively to defend and promote the rights of people seeking international protection;
  • Create your own action plan;
  • Share your actions on the social wall and tag your post with #rights2x.