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Course Life Cycle

Managing, building, and running edX courses is a process that takes time, planning, and teamwork from multiple stakeholders at your institution. As you plan your course, keep in mind the different phases that your course will go through, as a way to for you to identify where you are and where you are going in that process.

Below, edX has provided a roadmap for course development:

The Course Development LifecycleOnboardingPre-LaunchLaunchPost-Launch
Partner Onboarding Introduction to edX Platform capabilities; Understand best practice use cases Create Institution About Page/Announce Partnership
Organizational Foundation Create Internal MOOC Organization; Develop MOOC strategy and budget; establish alignment with institutional goals Set org policies around IP licensing and asset management; establish organizational marketing strategy;develop metrics to measure org successes; determine research goals and onboard data czar Refine strategy Re-evaluate and update strategy
Course Strategy Determine which course to run and when; Form course team Identify if course will be used on campus,; Establish certificate of coruses (verified vs. honor code); Determine re-run/version 2 course strategy Determine post-course status (self-paced, audit, archive)
Building a Course Set up a new course, plan course content; Familarize team with platform/edx101/edx on-site training Build prototype week; Test prototype week (MDC); Video production; Continue to learn about new edx features Build complete course Continue to learn about new edx features
Course Management and Beyond Announce course Create communication plan for course team Run course; Manage course issues/bugs Close course; Retrospective; Future course goals

You can download a high-resolution image version of this diagram.