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Write101x Course Presenters

Roslyn Petelin

Associate Professor Roslyn Petelin is the course director of WRITE101x. She teaches in and convenes the award-winning postgraduate program in Writing, Editing, and Publishing at The University of Queensland. She has also taught in the School of Communication at the Queensland University of Technology and in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University (New York, USA). She is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Corporate Communication at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She edited the Australian Journal of Communication from 1988–2013, is a past President and Honorary Life Member of the Australian & New Zealand Communication Association, and has co-authored two books, The Professional Writing Guide: Writing Well and Knowing Why (Allen & Unwin, with Marsha Durham) and Professional Communication: Principles and Applications (Pearson, with Peter Putnis). Her research interests include workplace writing and online learning.

Amber Gwynne

Amber Gwynne is a researcher, writer, and editor currently working on a PhD at The University of Queensland. With a background in linguistics, she brings a unique expertise to working with words. Amber has produced and edited content for several published books, and often collaborates with other writers, students, and small businesses in southeast Queensland to make words work harder. When she’s not trawling through research related to her thesis, Amber can be found standing idly in bookshop aisles, splattering the kitchen with cake batter, or trying to balance both a book and a cup of tea in bed. Amber graduated with a master’s degree in Writing, Editing, and Publishing at The University of Queensland in 2011.

Catherine Blake

Catherine Blake is a student of English and grammar at The University of Queensland. Aside from throwing herself in front of large audiences to discuss the inappropriate use of the semicolon, she makes her living brewing coffee for strangers and arguing the merits of an arts degree. She doesn’t blog and opts instead to express her thoughts in 140 characters or fewer on the backs of other people’s receipts. Her interests include reading P. G. Wodehouse and walking along the beach.

Dakoda Barker

Dakoda Barker is a current Master of Arts student, studying Writing, Editing, and Publishing at The University of Queensland. He completed his undergraduate degree in journalism and creative writing, and now works as a freelance videogame critic for various magazines and websites. In his spare time, he likes to write short fiction and play videogames for fun.

James Blake

James Blake has a BA (with majors in English and Writing) and a Master’s degree in Writing, Editing, and Publishing from The University of Queensland. He has a background in classics, children's poetry, and illustration. James can't decide whether he is a Baroque, Romantic, Edwardian, or Beatnik sartorialist. His spirit animal is a Disney princess.