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This course came together thanks to the energy, hard work, and incredible skills of many, many people.  For many of us, creating 15.390x was one of the best things we've ever done.  

This is a somewhat non-chronological story in pictures of how it all came together – and truthfully, still is coming together.  

To start off, a video from one of our video shoots with Bill.  

You should recognize it from one of our introductory videos. 

And this is another one. 


Looking out from our window on a snowy day, editing course videos.



MIT on a snowy day.  We were out scouting locations for our next video shoot. 


Here we are shooting videos for the Introduction and Market Segmentation sections. 


Getting ready for a shoot in a big lecture hall.  You'll recognize it from the introduction too. 


The wonderful folks who lead our cinematography and graphic design. 

Cinematographers Justin Brown and Mike McGuirk, and designer Saewon Hwang. 


Video shoot in a friend's garage for a segment on market segmentation.  

You'll recognize the garage!  


Our amazing intern Becky Ellis – the world is built on great interns!


MIT student entrepreneurs Erica Swallow and Abhishek Syal. 

They were very kind to allow us to film a real customer interview that they were doing. 


Driving back from a shoot.  The van is the ultimate filmmaker's vehicle.  


St. Patricks Day.  Shalhavit, our instructional designer, is also celebrating Purim in this funky getup. 


Day of the launch.  March 18th!  Also Justin's birthday.