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The Section 3 Solution Discussion Groups are now live!

We are pleased to announce the release of Section 3’s Solution Discussion Groups (SDG’s)! As of today, you can now sign up for and participate in the SDG’s. To learn how to do this please click HERE - these are the instructions for signing up for a group (remember - you can only participate in one) and how to contribute in each week’s discussion.

Participation ListSDG-Week 1SDG-Week 2SDG-Week 3
1. Agricultural Food production Topic 1-Wk1 Topic 1-Wk2 Topic 1-Wk3
2. Airports & air travel Topic 2-Wk1 Topic 2-Wk2 Topic 2-Wk3
3. Aquaculture and seafood management Topic 3-Wk1 Topic 3-Wk2 Topic 3-Wk3
4. Athletic Footwear & apparel Topic 4-Wk1 Topic 4-Wk2 Topic 4-Wk3
5. Automobile manufacture Topic 5-Wk1 Topic 5-Wk2 Topic 5-Wk3
6. Bioregional planning Topic 6-Wk1 Topic 6-Wk2 Topic 6-Wk3
7. Brewing Industry Topic 7-Wk1 Topic 7-Wk2 Topic 7-Wk3
8. Cargo transport (NOW: Intermodal Cargo Transport) Topic 8-Wk1 Topic 8-Wk2 Topic 8-Wk3
9. City Park systems Topic 9-Wk1 Topic 9-Wk2 Topic 9-Wk3
10. Coastal zones/estuary Management Systems Topic 10-Wk1 Topic 10-Wk2 Topic 10-Wk3
11. Coffee Retailers Topic 11-Wk1 Topic 11-Wk2 Topic 11-Wk3
12. Computer Industry Topic 12-Wk1 Topic 12-Wk2 Topic 12-Wk3
13. Cosmetic Companies Topic 13-Wk1 Topic 13-Wk2 Topic 13-Wk3
14. Cruise line companies (NOW:Sustainable Tourism) Topic 14-Wk1 Topic 14-Wk2 Topic 14-Wk3
15. Defense/military Topic 15-Wk1 Topic 15-Wk2 Topic 15-Wk3
16. Development and Redevelopment Programs (Land use Management) Topic 16-Wk1 Topic 16-Wk2 Topic 16-Wk3
17. Diaper Manufacturer Topic 17-Wk1 Topic 17-Wk2 Topic 17-Wk3
18. Ecological infrastructure: green walls and roofs Topic 18-Wk1 Topic 18-Wk2 Topic 18-Wk3
19. Energy Management Programs Topic 19-Wk1 Topic 19-Wk2 Topic 19-Wk3
20. Fast Food companies Topic 20-Wk1 Topic 20-Wk2 Topic 20-Wk3
21. Forest Management System Topic 21-Wk1 Topic 21-Wk2 Topic 21-Wk3
22. Government Buildings Topic 22-Wk1 Topic 22-Wk2 Topic 22-Wk3
23. Health Care Providers Topic 23-Wk1 Topic 23-Wk2 Topic 23-Wk3
24. Hospital/Health Care facility Topic 24-Wk1 Topic 24-Wk2 Topic 24-Wk3
25. Hotel/lodge (NOW:Sustainable Tourism) Topic 25-Wk1 Topic 25-Wk2 Topic 25-Wk3
26. Multifamily housing Topic 26-Wk1 Topic 26-Wk2 Topic 26-Wk3
27. Municipalities Topic 27-Wk1 Topic 27-Wk2 Topic 27-Wk3
28. NGOs: ag & food security Topic 28-Wk1 Topic 28-Wk2 Topic 28-Wk3
29. NGOs: public health providers Topic 29-Wk1 Topic 29-Wk2 Topic 29-Wk3
30. NGOs: conservation & biodiversity Topic 30-Wk1 Topic 30-Wk2 Topic 30-Wk3
31. NGOs: clean water delivery Topic 31-Wk1 Topic 31-Wk2 Topic 31-Wk3
32. NGOs: humanitarian & social services Topic 32-Wk1 Topic 32-Wk2 Topic 32-Wk3
33. Office Buildings (NOW:Office Buildings and Interiors) Topic 33-Wk1 Topic 33-Wk2 Topic 33-Wk3
34. Office Furniture & commercial interiors (NOW:Office Buildings and Interiors) Topic 34-Wk1 Topic 34-Wk2 Topic 34-Wk3
35. Petro-chemical industries Topic 35-Wk1 Topic 35-Wk2 Topic 35-Wk3
36. Pharmaceutical Companies Topic 36-Wk1 Topic 36-Wk2 Topic 36-Wk3
37. Retail Apparel companies Topic 37-Wk1 Topic 37-Wk2 Topic 37-Wk3
38. Road/Highway infrastructure (NOW: Intermodal Cargo Transport) Topic 38-Wk1 Topic 38-Wk2 Topic 38-Wk3
39. Sustainable Campus programs Topic 39-Wk1 Topic 39-Wk2 Topic 39-Wk3
40. Transportation systems (urban mass transit) Topic 40-Wk1 Topic 40-Wk2 Topic 40-Wk3
41. Urban Farming programs Topic 41-Wk1 Topic 41-Wk2 Topic 41-Wk3
42. Water Management systems Topic 42-Wk1 Topic 42-Wk2 Topic 42-Wk3
43. Wood, pulp, and paper Topic 43-Wk1 Topic 43-Wk2 Topic 43-Wk3