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Welcome to the Neuronal Dynamics course!

This course is composed of 7 sessions. Each session consists of a set of lecture videos, periodically interrupted by small quizzes, followed by a longer set of questions for homework (except the last session) . The quizzes are not graded, but for those of you who are interested in obtaining a certificate for finishing the course, the exercises will be worth one third of the final grade. The other two thirds will come from a final exam.

The lecture videos and homework problem sets will be released on a weekly basis. However, the deadline for submitting your solutions of homework exercises will be 11 days after the date that they are made available. Please note that exercises that are submitted late will receive no credit.

Note that "check box" questions are different from "multiple choice" questions in the sense that there is possibly more than one answer which is correct for check boxes, whereas multiple choice questions only allow one correct answer. For check box exercises, you must select all the options that apply in order to get full points for the question.