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This course will cover applications of linear algebra, many of which involve computer programming.  Most of the activities in this course will be offered with Matlab code to explore the associated ideas.  To aid in running those codes, a downloadable license to MATLAB for the duration of the course is available as a result of support from MathWorks. Use the link below to download MATLAB.

If you have questions about installing or using your copy of MATLAB, please post those on the course MATLAB forum.

Below you will find tutorials on some of the features of MATLAB being used in this course. The last tutorial on using the online documentation will aid you in finding more information on additional features and tools. 

The Origins of MATLAB

Curious about how MATLAB got started? Check out Cleve Moler, Chief Scientist at MathWorks, talking about the origins of MATLAB: 

What is MATLAB?

The MATLAB Environment

MATLAB Variables

Creating Matrices

MATLAB as a Calculator

Accessing Elements of an Array

Adding Files to the Search Path

Loading and Saving Images

Working with Data in Images

Using the Online Documentation