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We are inviting you to add your math art to an online course exhibit so that others may see your creations and learn about the math behind your images. Take a look at the Featured Gallery. We will add images here and invite your comments these in the forum.

The steps below will show you how to contribute your image. If you have any questions about the process, please use the discussion forum at the bottom of this page. 


Now that you have your ASCII image ready, head over to the D003X Exhibit here:

  1. Click Contribute an Item.
  2. Give your image a title, filling in the Title field.
  3. Enter the Activity Name. Choose from the following:
    • Eigenvector Transformation
    • DownSampling
    • Subdivision
  4. In the Image Description field, tell us about your image. Here you can add as much detail and reflection as you would like.
  5. Add any copyright credit required for your image (refer to the next section for more information)
  6. Click the Choose File button to upload your image.
  7. Enter your email address to allow you access to the exhibit. This field is required.
  8. Type in the re-captcha text that is generated. 
  9. Select the box to Publish my contribution on the web, and I agree to the terms and conditions. NOTE: If you select to contribute anonymously, your image will not be visible on the pubic gallery. That feature is designed to make submissions private. If you intend to share your image broadly, do not check this option.
  10. Click the Contribute button.

Your items will not appear right away. We will approve the contributions as they are submitted, and you will be able to view them in the online exhibit shortly.

We look forward to seeing your creations!