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Life is Linear Book Interested in a print version of the topics of this course?  If so, you may want to consider the new book When Life is Linear: from computer graphics to bracketology.  The topics of the book parallel those of this course.  Sometimes, the content is  similar and sometimes it differs.  The Mathematical Association of America is offering participants of this course a 10% coupon for the e-version of the book.  

The coupon code, which is good through May 18, is: 2044388578. 

To read more about the book and for purchasing information, visit

What are people saying about the book? Here are two reviews of the book from Art Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College and Tony DeRose of Pixar Animation Studios. 

Tim Chartier has written the perfect supplement to a linear algebra course. Every major topic is driven by applications, such as computer graphics, cryptography, webpage ranking, sports ranking and data mining. Anyone reading this book will have a clear understanding of the power and scope of linear algebra.   — Arthur Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College

I’m often asked which areas of mathematics should students study. I always say linear algebra. However, typical linear algebra texts I’ve seen either have very few applications, or the applications are contrived and not very relevant to students. Chartier’s text is a refreshing change as it is driven by real-world applications that are inspiring and familiar to his audience. From Google searches and image processing to sports rankings and (my favorite) computer graphics.   — Tony DeRose, Pixar Animation Studios