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What is UTC time?

This course uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the standard. The current time is shown here:

How do I pass this course?

This course requires that you complete at least 60% of the course assessment activities and assignments. 

Overall Grade

  • 60 %: Weekly assignment
  • 40 %: Final Assignment

Grades are earned in the following way:

Each week you will find a new assignment. The assignments will increase in their complexity towards the end of the course. In the first part of the course, questions will be asked in form of different quizzes. The second part will introduce more complex questions including peer assessment. You will learn more about how to do peer assessment during the course.

  • Weekly assignments

For the first six weeks, you will have to submit a weekly assignment. Each of this assignment will contribute 10% to your total score. 

  • Final assignment

At the last week, a larger assignment will be published that will test what you have learned througout the whole class. This assignment will contribute 40% of your final score. 

When are assignments due?

You will have two weeks from each section's release date in which to complete the assignment (both weekly and final). The final assignment is due on May 18, 2015 at 08:00 (UTC).

At the time the course closes, you will no longer be able to post to the discussion forums or submit assignments.  The course material however will remain open for you to access.

How many attempts do I have to submit a quiz?

For assignments consisting of quizzes you will have three attempts. Only your last submitted attempt is counted to your final score (overwriting all previous attempts). Note that all submissions have to be sent in within two weeks after their release.

I cannot submit my assignment / test?

If the assignment due date has passed you will be unable to submit your assignment or test answers.

I started the course late, can I get an extension on assignments and tests?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of participants in the course we cannot make considerations on a case by case basis.

Will I be able to earn a certificate for this course?

Yes. In order to pass the course and obtain a certificate, you will need a course average grade of 60% or higher.  You will need to spend 3-6 hours of your time per week.

What kind of certificate is there for this course?

This course only allows you the possibility to earn an Honor Code Certificate.

When do I get my certificate?

Your grades will be calculated and displayed in the progress bar instantaneously. If you achieved 60% or greater as your final course grade, you will receive an Honor Code Certificate after the course ends. 

When does the course end?

The course officially ends on May 31 2015 at 08:00 (UTC) but the course materials will still be available after that date.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, you will not be required to purchase a textbook for this course.


How do I use the Discussion Forum?

The discussion forums are open to everyone in the course and follow the course (organized by module and activities for that module). 

So, in a specific module, there is a general discussion forum for each section where you can talk about the concepts covered in that module.

Participation in the discussion forums is not mandatory and will not affect the grade. It is, however, highly recommended to maximise the learning outcome.

Check the discussion guidelines in the Welcome and Introduction section. Forum moderators will ensure that discussion rules will be kept and important issues are brought forward to the instructor.


For questions on the edX platform, take a look at the edX Student FAQ.


I'm having trouble streaming the videos

This can be due to either the bandwidth of your internet access. You can try to download the video and watch it off-line instead. There is a link called "Download video" to the left below the videos where you can download the videos to you computer to view later.

I'm still having an issue, what should I do?

  • Check the edX Student FAQ page
  • Check the Technical Help thread in the discussion forum
  • If you don't find your answer there, or if you find bugs or issues, please post your question in the Technical Help thread in the forum
  • If you have non-technical questions, we encourage you to post them in the appropriate discussion in the forum
  • Please take the time to help each other answer questions in the community