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College Writing 2.2x, Principles of Written English

Maggie Sokolik, Ph.D., Instructor
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Course Description

College Writing 2.1x was offered in November 2013. 2.2x is the second part of the course. It is not necessary to complete part 1 in order to take part 2. There are no prerequisites except that you must know English well enough to take a course taught entirely in English.

College Writing 2.2x is the second part of the academic writing course. In this part, you will focus on proofreading and self-editing; revision vs. editing; common errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling; understanding tone and diction; vocabulary development. The course materials will be offered via readings, videos, and various types of homework assignments. There are suggested optional textbooks for additional writing work. You will participate in online discussions as well as peer review of your writing. You will complete one full essay for this part of the course.

Recommended texts:

Textbooks are not required. There are recommended eBooks. 

A note about piracy of books: The course and its material are offered for free, and we encourage you to take advantage of all the resources. However, we do not support the theft of copyrighted material. Offering pirated material in the course will result in such offers being deleted. Continued violations of this rule could result in being banned from the course. Don't pirate! Writers and publishers are workers, too, and deserve to be paid for their work.

1. Principles of Written English 2, by Maggie Sokolik, Wayzgoose Press

This workbook was written specifically for this course. It contains excerpts of the course material as well as extra writing materials. It is being provided for a low price of $2.99 US, by Wayzgoose Press



(Amazon sometimes adds approximately $2 US in VAT to international orders outside of countries served by Amazon International.  Smashwords does not charge international VAT.)


Apple iTunes:

Barnes & Noble:

2. 50 Ways to Practice Writing, by Dorothy Zemach, Wayzgoose Press

This very low-cost ebook ($0.99 US) gives you even more practice in writing.,


Apple iTunes:

All 50 Ways to Practice books are available as audiobooks as well. Find more information at:

Also available  at

3. Pearson Writer, Pearson Higher Education 

Pearson Writer is a set of integrated writing tools, including grammar references, research aids, and writing editors, to help you with every aspect of your writing. They have created a website especially for this course. Their materials are available on a subscription basis, and the price varies with the length of time you want to access the materials.

You can find our course's Pearson website at:

4.  50 Ways to Practice Vocabulary, by Belinda Young Davy, Wayzgoose Press:




Apple iTunes:


Barnes & Noble:

Grading Policy

This course requires that you score 50% or higher as an average of all assignments that are marked as homework. You know these by the clock icon. 60% of your grade is for homework, and your lowest score is dropped automatically. The other 40% are for your essay--10% for your draft and 30% for your final paper. 

(Even if you miss some assignments, as long as your average is 50%, you can get a certificate.)

You need to finish the homework assignments by the date due to get credit, although there is an 12-hour late period during which you can submit your work.

Additional homework does not count towards your point total. This is for those who have the time to do extra work.

If you pass the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Your certificate will be delivered online through So be sure to check your email in the weeks following the final grading – you will be able to download and print your certificate.

More information about policies is found at the student FAQ:


Course Outline

Week 1 – Vocabulary Development

Week 2 – Understanding Tone and Diction

Week 3 – Common Errors in Writing

Week 4 – Advanced Process Writing

A first draft of your essay is due this week.

Week 5 – Advanced Revising, Proofreading, and Editing

A final draft of your final paper is due this week.