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Office Hours

The materials on this course website are archival materials from the Fall 2013 CS188 on-campus offering at UC Berkeley. These materials are made available for anyone for self-study, but this is not a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) and there will be no active support from the teaching staff for these materials. We do hope in the future to offer this course again as a MOOC.

Weekly office hour schedule:

Monday, 2:30pm-3:30pm 651 Soda Michael
Tuesday, 11am-12pm 651 Soda Sergey
Tuesday, 2pm-3pm 730 Sutardja Dai Dan Klein
Tuesday, 5pm-6pm 751 Soda John
Wednesday, 10am-11am 411 Soda Evan
Wednesday, 12pm-1pm 651 Soda Alvin
Wednesday, 4pm-5pm 730 Sutardja Dai Pieter Abbeel
Thursday, 10am-11am 411 Soda Ning
Thursday, 4pm-5pm 411 Soda Teodor
Friday, 1pm-2pm 751 Soda James